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HBIS Shi Xiowei Winning SteelChallenge-15 World Champion

April 12, the Worldsteel SteelChallenge-15 Final was held online and Mr.Shi Xiaowei, from HBIS Group, won the Champion of professional category with excellent results.This is the third World Champion from HBIS after Mr.Zhou Wentao and Tang Xiaoyu.  

The steelChampion-15 steel making simulation competition is the most influential competition in world steel industry. It is is dedicated to attract students and professionals to develop state-of-the-art products with the lowest costs. Due to the pandemic, steelChampion-15 held online. The game of the year attracted more 1200 talents from more than 40 enterprises and 70 universities in the globe. On December 3, 2020, Mr.Shi Xiaowei won the champion of North Asia of of SteelChampion-15 Regional Games. After 24 hours of intense competition, Mr.Shi Xiaowei won the regional game and the title of “Most Prosperous Generation of Steel Industry”.

Shi Xiaowei, born in June 1991, graduated in Metallurgical Engineering major of Northeast University with a master’s degree and CCP Member. He is now a product development engineer in HBIS Tangsteel Technology and Procedure Development Center. Shi has been developing products and procedures, particularly optimization of steel making, procedural design and stability design. In 33rd HBIS Tangsteel Steel Simulation Competition, he won the Champion title. He has published 5 thesis and owned 4 patents. His Project of High Strength Dual Phases Annealing Flexibilization Procedure Control won a Secondary Award of Hebei Metallurgical Technology. The Lamination Crack-Resistant and Development of High Strength Structural Steel and their Applications, Quality Control of Inner Material of Mid-Thickness Plates won the third prize of Hebei Metallurgical Science and Technology.