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HBIS Shisteel New Plant Commencing Production

October 29, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong gave the order and HBIS Shisteel New Plant was officially commencing its production.

The new plant is a special steel short process pilot project of HBIS firmly implementing Hebei CCP & Provincial Government strategy of Upgrading its Steel Industry and future development of Green, intelligent and highly efficient steel industry.   

HBIS is dedicated to build Shisteel a world leading Dream Special Steel Plant armed with intelligent manufacturing, short process design and low emission technologies and the world’s latest management concepts. It will be a new innovation center of Chinese steel industry with top technologies, top products, intelligent manufacturing and green facilities. 

The new plant site adopts a AAAA Class Tourist Destination design and applies more than 70 world’s leading emission reduction technologies. Emission is low and 100% of slags are recycled. Applying over 80 digitized and intelligent manufacturing technologies makes it one of the smartest plants in the world. The plant is equipped with vertical casters, KOCKS rollers with leading technologies. The plant targets at diversified high-end equipment part component markets including automobile, engineering machinery and military special steel demands, replacing import products. The new products include high-end equipment bearing steel, automobile gear steel, railway and track transportation bearing steel. The new plant will target specified Champion products and in future, 20% of its output will be unique products of the new mill, representing HBIS brands and Chinese Brands in the world.